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UKISS is coming to Manila!!!

U-Kiss hits Manila


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The 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards was held on March 1st to recognize and acknowledge singers, etc, whose songs were frequently used as the background music or played on Cyworld minihompies last year.

The awards ceremony was held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park and was hosted by Clazziquai’s vocalist, Horan.

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Congratulations for all the winners!

(Sorry for the picture bias)

YOOGEUN : SHINee's son...

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he's the same with his fathers ....

oh well


Nice... there are so many kpop idols who graduated....

congrats to them !!!



congrats to 2ne1 for having a wonderful mini album...
I expect that their full album will be a successful one...
no doubt they are the feircest girl group of the year!!!

2ne1's i don't care!!!


love your song !!!!

if you want to hear the song just copy and paste this link...